FOR SALE: 1981 Triumph TR7 Convertible

Finding a neat Triumph TR7 Convertible is not easy, and so this beautifully maintained example represents arguably the finest of the breed. It's also an affordable, unique and fun way to get into British classic car ownership.


Year and make/Model: 1981 Triumph TR7 Convertible

Engine: 2.0L petrol

Transmission: Manual 5-speed

Mileage: 5 442 km

Colour: Persian Blue Metallic

Location: Johannesburg

PRICE: R149 000

The TR7 was the last Triumph to ever be independently developed by the British brand, and broke tradition with its predecessors with a dramatic wedge shape. Developed under the codename "Project Bullet", the TR7 was supposed to take Triumph into a new era and was particularly aimed at the American market. The rakish angle of the windscreen, for example, was reportedly designed to make it possible for drivers to see America's overhanging traffic lights...

Triumph TR7

Following quite a long gestation period, the TR7 Convertible was introduced in 1979 with right-hand drive deliveries starting in 1980. The TR7 was somewhat of a shock to the system of the brand's traditional supporters, but it was certainly noticeable on British roads in the '70s and even achieved some pop-culture stardom - Joanna Lumley drove one in the popular action series "The New Avengers".

It's fair to say that for a long time the TR7 was ignored by the classic car market, but interest is on the rise, coupled with a real scarcity of good-quality examples, like this one. Surprisingly, perhaps, parts availability is excellent and there's strong support from the UK. 

This example

This Persian Blue Metallic Convertible was built on 7th April 1981 at the British Leyland Canley plant in the United Kingdom. The car has undergone a complete restoration using band new Triumph components & fittings imported via ex-Triumph agents in the UK.

Collectible Wheels


The signature tartan seat and door trimmings along with blue soft top, full tonneau cover and blue soft top cover were all imported. The attention to detail in the restoration really must be commended, this is one near-perfect TR7 which is also registered with the Triumph Club of South Africa.

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