FOR SALE: 1990 BMW 850i (E31)

BMW's spectacular V12-engined 850i was a technological masterpiece back in the '90s, and these days represents a fast-appreciating investment. Besides, its shape still turns more heads than a modern-day supercar!


Year and Make/Model: 1990 BMW 850i (E31)

Engine: 5.0L V12 Petrol

Transmission: Automatic

Mileage: 168 000km

Colour: Pearl White

Location: Johannesburg

PRICE: 745 000

With its iconic wedge shape and pillarless silhouette, the BMW 8 Series (E31) was one of the ultimate poster cars of the Nineties. It is said that BMW sunk around $900 million into its development, no surprise given the numerous groundbreaking technological achievements carried onboard!

BMW 850i for sale

First shown in 1989, and going on sale in 1990, the E31 was produced for a relatively long period until 1999, but production numbers were low, and even more so for right-hand drive cars. Of the 30 621 made in total, fewer than 10 per cent were built in right-hand drive.

One of the car's pieces of groundbreaking engineering was its drive-by-wire throttle - it was the first V12-engined production car with this tech.

This example

It's not often that an E31 comes up for sale in South Africa. This 1990 model is an 850i fitted with the marvellous M70 V12 engine. This is a well-documented and -maintained vehicle with a comprehensive dealer and independent specialist-stamped service book, as well as a host of invoices. The vehicle is sold with the original, standard rims.

BMW 8 Series for sale

The car has always been maintained regardless of cost and always by BMW main dealers or BMW-approved experts and is in excellent condition. It is a superb example of the E31 and a rare chance to own a fast-appreciating modern classic.

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