FOR SALE: 2006 Alfa Romeo 147 3.2 GTA

Fondly remembered as one of the most evocative, tactile super-hatches of the early Noughties, the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA is now a genuine modern classic. This is one of the last examples built for South Africa.


Year and make/Model: 2006 Alfa Romeo 147 3.2 GTA

Engine: 3.2L V6

Transmission: 6-speed Manual

Mileage: 85 000 km

Colour: Black

Location: Cape Town


Alfa Romeo 147 GTA

First introduced worldwide in 2002, the 147 GTA was a real sizzler of a super-hatch. Powered by Alfa Romeo's much-loved Busso V6 and with a widened body to accommodate the 17-inch wheels, the 147 GTA didn't only look the part, it went like stink! Top speed was a touch under 250kph and it could rocket to 100kph in 6.3 seconds.

In total just over 5 000 147 GTAs were built, of which 4 000 featured the more desirable manual transmission.


Freight Factory


This particular black example is a 2006 model and one of the last built for the South African market. It has done only 85 000km from new and it has spent the last 12 years with its second owner (an Alfa Romeo specialist mechanic).

A few tasteful modifications have been made to up the drama and improve traction... It features a Quaife differential, carbon air intake and a Ferrari 348 Tubi rear silencer which certainly provides an enthralling soundtrack. It rides on brand new Michelin Pilot Cup Sport tyres, refreshed alloy rims and has received a Ceramic treatment. 

Inside, its infotainment system has been upgraded to a modern touch-screen unit.

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