For Sale - Austin-Healy 100-6

Austin-Healy 1006

Here's a rare opportunity to own a numbers-matching Austin-Healy 100-6 that has been fastidiously maintained.

Established in 1952, Austin Healey was a joint venture between the Austin Motor Company and Donald Healey. After creating the Nash Healey in 1951, Healey identified a gap in the market for a sports car that could reach 100 MPH, which was more refined than an MG but less expensive than a Jaguar.

Austin-Healy 1006

The 100-6 saw the introduction of the 2.6L BMC C-Series 6-cylinder 102 BHP engine. Other changes included the lengthened wheelbase to include the two small rear seats and the redesigned radiator grille.

Only 14436 Austin Healeys were produced making them exceedingly rare and collectable these day.

This example

Austin-Healy 1006

According to the accompanying Heritage certificate, this example was built on the 24th of July 1957 as a right-hand drive car for the export market and shipped to the Cape Town dealer, Robb Motors, shortly thereafter. It still retains its original engine and colour (Ivory white) with the interior being retrimmed to black instead of its original red.

Austin-Healy 100-6

The current owner has fastidiously maintained this example with a recent mechanical overhaul and respray being completed. This example is one of the most sorted Austin-Healeys we have driven with the roar of the straight six engine and perfectly set up steering and suspension completing a satisfying driving experience.

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