Opel South Africa Super Hatches Print (A2)
Opel South Africa Super Hatches Print (A2)

Opel South Africa Super Hatches Print (A2)

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This limited-edition print (50 units, digitally numbered), features two uniquely South African performance Opels, the iconic Kadett 2.0 GSi "Superboss" and its successor the Kadett 200t S. Both cars were developed locally with racing in mind, and the Superboss achieved stardom on the track by defeating the BMW 325iS.

The 200t S story is more complex, with completion of the car's development coinciding with a change in local motorsport that saw attention shift to Super Touring Cars, and not Group N. And so the 200t S has no racing pedigree. Nevertheless, it is technically very interesting, as it uses the 2.0L turbocharged "red-top" 16-valve engine from the European Calibra Turbo all-wheel drive, but sent all 160kW of explosive power to the front wheels only. Later in its model lifecycle, Opel turned the power down slightly, to 150kW. Today, very few of these cars remain...

The likes of the locally-developed Kadett Superboss and Kadett 200t S are unlikely to be seen again.

Will look best behind glass and with a thin frame (not included).

Artist Wayne Batty describes the process of creating our stunningly accurate images from scratch.


Dimensions: 59.2cm x 41.8cm (A2)

Paper: 250 gsm satin finish