Brenda's Cars and Enzo's Dinner - Tickets now Available

If you're looking for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear stories from someone who worked closely with Enzo Ferrari from 1972 until his death, now's your chance. A unique dinner is planned for 14 December, celebrating Brenda Vernor, Enzo's private secretary. A mother figure to many Ferrari racers, including our own Jody Scheckter (the friendship continues to this day) British-born Brenda was a rose among 199 men at the Ferrari headquarters.

The "Brenda's Cars" exhibition takes place on 14 December at the Franschhoek Motor Museum - a very appropriate setting seeing as many of the iconic cars will be on display (Brenda's favourite is the 275 GTB/4), followed by "Enzo's Dinner" at the recently restored Franschhoek Town Hall

If you're interested in attending and to hear Brenda's tales of racing drivers and an era of motorsport long gone, as well as the characters involved, contact Sonja-Liezel Theron at or phone 082 8577 844.

Brenda with one of Jody Scheckter's F1 racers. Brenda and Jody remain good friends to this day.

Enzo, a famously private person, remains an enigma to most. Brenda, however, knew him very well. “Enzo did lots of good things for people, and nobody knew about it,” she says. “Underneath, he was a softy. He did a lot for his workers. Most of his workers were local people. He gave jobs to the local people, and he understood them because he came from nothing. He knew what it was like not to have anything. If he could help somebody he would.

“He could get angry, too sometimes. He’d get red in the face, shout and scream, and in 10 minutes, it was finished. Back to normal.

“He was a lovely guy. I loved him. I was privileged to work with such a man.”

As if spending time with Brenda is not enough, Anna Davel will be performing a Shirley Bassey tribute during "Enzo's Dinner". Book early to avoid disappointment.

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