Cape Town artist creates stunning office diorama

Cape Town-based automotive artist Glynn Naidoo has created a stunning office-themed diorama to showcase his talents.

Of course, Glynn is no stranger to SentiMETAL and, we have previously reported on his incredible aluminium foil artworks - read that article here.

During the course of this past festive season, however, Glynn felt inspired after a visit to the office and seeing the wide variety of diecast cars on offer. 

"Having come from the motor trade, a customising background and also as an automotive artist I always one day wanted to really get involved with model cars. At the age of 13 years I jokingly suggested to a friend of mine I could respray his real car for him for extra pocket money, and he accepted! The diorama I created started with the idea of making a miniature, detailed showroom for the model cars that SentiMETAL sells.

"I worked on it for about a month and it became a labour of love as everything was handmade including the miniature lightbox, 316 stainless railings, genuine laminated flooring, furniture, solar panels on the roof etc. The most time-consuming parts of the process were definitely the ramp, lighting and very small furniture items," he says.

glynn 2

The diorama is currently on display at's Cape Town office. View our selection of diecast offerings here.

Glynn's services are available to all scale model car collectors, and he can create not only dioramas, but perspex storage cases and other custom displays. He can be contacted at or on 066 421 2668.

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