Ciro drives our BMW 325is Evo 1 (Video)

As a one-time BMW E30 owner, Ciro de Siena rates the 325is Evo 1 as one of his al-time hero cars. Does it live up to his heady expectations?

In previous videos from this series, filmed at the Midvaal Raceway, it was race legend Deon Joubert who had the privilege of piloting our beloved Evo 1, but this final episode, we put our very own Ciro de Siena behind the steering wheel. It was a lifelong dream come true.

Rescued and then lovingly restored by its previous owner, this Evo 1 forms part of the growing SentiMETAL Heritage Collection, which aims to celebrate and preserve South Africa's rich motoring heritage.

Born in the heat of battle (local Group N racing), the Evo 1 is unique to South Africa and slugged it out against the Opel Kadett GSi on South Africa's racing circuits. More recently the car has seen a steady surge in values as collectors increasingly scramble to get a good Evo 1 in their garages.

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