Citroën celebrates 100 years of passion with video series

Iconic French marque, Citroën, which recently returned to South Africa, continues its 100th anniversary in style. It has launched a video series that showcases fans from all over the world, called the "Citroën Generations" series. Sadly... they've not yet covered South Africa, but have a look!

Following the first 7 videos launched in April, the latest in the series takes us to New York, New Jersey and Bry-Sur-Marne for 3 new episodes to watch from the Citroën Origins virtual museum.

Every 14 July for the last 20 years, American fans of Citroën have toured the roads of Manhattan at the wheel of their iconic cars: this is the Bastille Day parade. Seeing as this is Citroën’s Centenary year, the annual spectacle provided the brand with a great opportunity to pay tribute to these die-hard fans. 

The first episode of the 3 new episodes was filmed in New York during the Bastille Day parade. The second takes us to New Jersey to meet the Seligmann family. Howard, the father, is behind the 14 July gathering of fans. Finally, the series finishes in France with the Lelièvre family. For 4 generations, the Type H has been the symbol of this family business…

These 3 new stories continue the world tour which began with the first 7 episodes of the series. According to Citroën, it created this series to pay tribute to its fans who write the history of the brand: in their daily lives, in their customs and in their passion which is passed down from one generation to the next.

Enjoy the rest of the videos below;

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