Crossley & Webb launches online auction platform

The respected Cape Town-based classic and exotic car dealer, Crossley & Webb has launched an online auction website for collector cars.

The goal with Crossley & Webb Online is to create a safe trading platform focused on collector cars, says Gareth Crossley. Unlimited by physical constraints, the virtual marketplace allows for better presentation and a more detailed description of listings, regardless of where the sellers are based.


The platform is geared to provide sellers with the best opportunity to maximise value within a predefined timeline and to provide buyers with a well-informed and transparent purchasing experience. In both instances users of the platform are guided through the process by Crossley & Webb who are experienced at selling hundreds of collector cars in South Africa. 

Crossley & Webb Online can be visited here.


Sellers can submit their car for auction online, complete a vehicle grading document and take their own photos using Crossley & Webb’s photography guide 

There are three packages, Basic, Pro and Custom: 

  • Basic – R 999 incl. VAT. 

What you get: 

    1. Expert advice and pricing research 
    2. Marketing support and guidance on presentation techniques 
    3. A professionally curated listing 
    4. Access to qualified buyers 
    • Pro – R 2999 incl. VAT. Basic package with the option for professional photography
    • Custom – POA using the Pro package as a base where Crossley & Webb controls the whole process on behalf of the seller with hosted viewings. Technical inspections and vehicle snagging part of the package.


    Buyers can register to bid on Crossley & Webb Online and are vetted prior to approval. A R5000 refundable deposit is required to bid and bidders are guided by Crossley & Webb in order to complete the due diligence process and be confident of the condition of the car prior to placing a bid. Crossley & Webb charge a 10% buyers premium including VAT (eg. If R 200 000 is bid then the total cost is R 220 000).

    To view the latest auctions, you can go here.

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