German Style & Performance Week at Crossley & Webb

Porsche 911

Cape Town-based classic and collectible car dealer, Crossley & Webb will from 5 to 12 October be hosting an online auction for 14 special German cars. 

As reported on previously, Crossley & Webb earlier this year launched an online trading platform focused on collector cars. Unlimited by physical constraints, the virtual marketplace allows for better presentation and a more detailed description of listings, regardless of where the sellers are based.

Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM

The latest round of auctions will focus on special German cars, and kicks off on 5 October and closes on 12 October. Interested parties should register to participate in the bidding. 

  • Click here to keep an eye on the latest bidding round and to register (once registrations open).

"We have 14 high-quality German cars entered for the latest round," says Gareth Crossley, and highlights include;

  • 2008 Mercedes Benz CLK DTM Convertible (1 of 80 examples) – Supercharged 5.5l V8 - 582 BHP
  • 1971 Porsche 911 T (high quality detailed restoration by Bailey Cars)
  • Mercedes Benz SL 65 Black series (1 of only 350 examples)
  • Mercedes Benz 300se Convertible (1 of 78 right hand examples)
  • 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa – Jubilaum edition

In addition to the cars above there are also a 2002 BMW Z3 M Coupe (Clown Shoe), a lovely Volkswagen Westfalia Camper, rare AWZ P70 Zwikcau, very pretty Porsche 356B (South African spec), BMW (E39) M5, Porsche (993) 911 Turbo and Mercedes-Benz 280S.

Mercedes-Benz 300SE Convertible

Buyers who register to bid on Crossley & Webb Online are vetted prior to approval. A R5000 refundable deposit is required to bid and bidders are guided by Crossley & Webb in order to complete the due diligence process and be confident of the condition of the car prior to placing a bid. Crossley & Webb charge a 10% buyers premium including VAT (eg. If R 200 000 is bid then the total cost is R 220 000).

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