HELM Motorcars reimagines the iconic Jaguar E-type

Jaguar E-Type

Helm will produce 20 stunningly reimagined Series 1 Jaguar E-types to the exact specification requirements of their owners. 

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Bringing together uncompromising production standards, with advanced modern technology and bespoke interiors by acclaimed leather expert Bill Amberg, Helm is hoping to celebrate the artistry of the iconic Series 1 Jaguar E-type design, while elevating the driving experience to the pinnacle of contemporary luxury.

Originally designed by former aeronautics engineer Malcolm Sayer, on its release on 15 March 1961, Enzo Ferrari described the Series 1 Jaguar E-type as “the most beautiful car ever made”. Sixty years on, with Sayer’s mathematically perfect lines flowing seamlessly from long nose to shapely rear, it remains a marvel of automotive engineering.

Helm E-Type

Having spent over a decade professionally sourcing the finest examples of these cars for restoration from across the UK and Europe, Helm founder Chedeen Battick approached the project with an obsessive eye for detail, and a deep respect for the value of British craftsmanship.

From the steel-reinforced monocoque shell, the handmade aluminium doors and hand-built and -polished big bore aircraft-grade stainless steel exhaust system, upwards of 3 800-man hours go into creation of one of Helm’s E-types. Under the aluminium handmade bonnet, lies a 300 bhp 3.8 litre normally aspirated engine.

Helm E-Type

Elsewhere, modern technology such as electronic speed-sensitive power steering, a bespoke engineered five-speed gearbox, 6-pot alloy front brakes, adjustable suspension, a heated screen and soft close door system, is integrated subtly without interfering with the purity and elegance of the original design.

Helm E-Type

The interior, designed and produced in collaboration with Bill Amberg, sees buttery soft suede and plump semi-aniline leather used throughout. Lowering oneself into the driving seat of a Helm E-type is an unparalleled sensorial experience – the haptic qualities of the leather, together with thoughtful and exquisite internal detailing are intended to be as satisfying as trying on a new bespoke suit, or a perfectly fitted glove.

Helm E-type

Hand crafted aluminium internal panels have been wrapped by Amberg’s team of leather craftspeople, while beautifully executed hand-stitched detailing is used on leather toggle switches, a hand stitched steering wheel and matching grab handle. Leather upholstery with stitched detailing was completed by the studio, and Amberg has created bespoke luggage for each Helm E-type, in the form of two sets of his iconic Rocket bags, in weekend and briefcase editions.

Helm E-Type

Turning the key in the ignition, a Helm Jaguar transports the driver back to a place and time in history. “I wanted to create the E-type the way I feel it should be, remaining sensitive to its history, but without a vinyl interior, and without the hassle of carburettor trouble,” explains Chedeen. “We combine British craftsmanship with the finest standards of modern automotive engineering, instilling a feeling of love, care and attention to detail within each component.”


Technical Specifications:

  • Steel reinforced monocoque shell using at least 30 percent of the original

  • Aluminium handmade bonnet

  • Handmade strengthened aluminium doors

  • Upwards of 3800-man hours to create

  • Approximate weight 1200kg

  • Avon ZZ Fast road tyres

  • Bespoke 6 pot alloy front brakes

  • Vented discs all round

  • Bespoke alloy handbrake callipers and rear brake callipers

  • Bespoke engineered 5 speed gearbox

  • 300 bhp fast road 3.8 litre normally aspirated engine

  • Alloy cooling system

  • Over 20 litres of paint used throughout each car

  • Jenvey heritage throttle bodies

  • Handmade bumpers

  • Nickel finished brightwork throughout

  • Fan assisted LED lighting

  • Soft closing doors

  • Heated screen

  • Bespoke modern wiring used throughout

  • Hand built and polished big bore aircraft grade stainless steel exhaust system

  • Hand finished bespoke stainless-steel wheels

  • Bespoke soft close system

  • Adjustable suspension all round

  • Uprated torsion bars

  • Quick adjust reaction plate

  • Electronic speed sensitive power steering

Bill Amberg designed Interior:

  • Hand crafted aluminium internal panels throughout

  • Heat and sound insulated bodyshell

  • Only the finest semi-aniline leather and calf suede selected

  • Hand stitched leather toggle switches

  • Hand stitched steering wheel and matching grab handle

  • Set of two weekend ‘Rocket’ bags

  • Set of two briefcase ‘Rocket’ bags

  • Modern LED interior lighting

  • Billet copper keys with leather bound keyrings set of two

  • Bespoke instruments

  • Upgraded Bluetooth stereo system

  • Air conditioning system


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