New Book to Celebrate Kyalami's 60th Anniversary

Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit 60 Years of Memories

"Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit - 60 Years of Memories" is a large format coffee table style book of more than 500 pages that will be launched at a book signing and handed over at a function on 4 November 2022 at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit - this date significantly representing the iconic circuit’s 61st Birthday. 

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The book, which covers the full 60 years of the circuit’s history, including both international and local events, contains over 1500 images and 225 special “Kyalami Memories”. It is only available, for the first print, on a pre-order basis. Both the Collector’s Editions as well as he Publisher’s Editions of the book are sold out with limited copies of the Standard Edition still available. The First Print has been limited to only 762 copies made up of 62 Collectors Editions, 200 Publishers Editions and 500 copies of the Standard Edition. A second print run is due to be announced after the 4 November launch. 

Kyalami book

This commemorative publication covers 60 years of international and local events hosted at the Circuit and makes use of many, previously unseen, images to illustrate its amazing history. Importantly, it additionally contains personal memories from great racing drivers and riders, officials, photographers, journalists, and numerous other personalities who have played a role in creating 60 Years of Motorsport Memories at this iconic venue.

The world-renowned Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, situated between the major South African cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria, celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2021. The first race meeting took place at the then new circuit on 4 November 1961. The circuit soon established itself as the premier motorsport venue in Southern Africa and became a firm favourite with international and local motor racing legends and their teams. 


The first section of the book covers the 60 years of motorsport events staged at Kyalami. The story begins in November 1961 and ends with the 2021 Kyalami 9 Hour held in February 2022. Each year’s motorsport activity at the circuit and is summarised with the addition of period images and results of the international races and listings of the various South African circuit racing champions. This section of the book covers 120 pages.

The second section of the book details the races held at Kyalami from 1961 until 2022. Many of the hundreds of programme covers for these races are depicted in these 20 pages. 

Kyalami book

The third section of the book is dedicated to 60 Years of incredible images from numerous well-known local motorsport photographers including Gavin Stapleton, Malcolm Sampson, David Pearson (, Roger Swan, Colin Watling, Woody Rodseth, Keith Doig, Johan Pretorius, Paul Blackburn, Eric Buijs, and Tony Alves. Over 1500 quality images cover various themes and the various formulae and categories that have competed at the circuit over the 60-year period. The images contain detailed captions that cover images taken on track, in the pits and of the competing drivers, riders and teams. 

Kyalami book

The fourth section of the book covers 60 years of Kyalami Memories. This section contains over 225 special memories received from race drivers, riders, officials, motoring media, photographers, sponsors, marshals, race fans and others that have played a role in the 60 Years of history at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit. This section of the book contains 120 pages of memories with over 250 quality images.

What the enthusiasts say

“Since our announcement of the project we have been overwhelmed by the response from people who wanted to include their personal Kyalami memories in this landmark book. We have also been overwhelmed by the large number of great images sent to us and as a result the book has grown significantly in content and size. This in turn created more work for Editor Roger Houghton and Graphic Designer Chris Dawson. We have limited the number of First Print copies of the book in order to thank those people who committed to orders for the book very early on in the process and have remained patient in working with us on the delayed delivery date. Thanks to Toby Venter and the Kyalami Team for making Kyalami available on the special date for the unveiling and presentation of the final printed book. Further details will follow.” - Denis Klopper.

Kyalami book

“We had the opportunity to share the pre-print book with some motoring and motorsport personalities. We have included below their impressions of the upcoming book below. Some sample pages from the various sections of the book are also included.” - Roger Houghton

“It has been my privilege to contribute to such a rich slice of South African Motorsport history. This book is worthy of a place in every sports enthusiast’s library. Our motorsport has a rich heritage which continues to manifest itself, on a global scale, to this day. In these pages Denis Klopper has brilliantly captured a legacy of which South Africans can be very proud.” - Tony Alves

“60 Years of Memories is an amazing visually driven compendium of the events, cars, bikes, and characters that define the iconic Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit.” - Dr Lance Vogel

Kyalami book

“Motorsport is universal. To have such a treasure trove of 60 Years of Kyalami history is a ‘must have’ publication. Its history is just as important as that about of other great circuits such as Monza.” - Sasha Martinengo

“I have had the pleasure of being exposed to the content of the upcoming publication, 60 years of Kyalami Memories by Denis Klopper. It is a comprehensive, high-quality collection of amazing memories and photographs”. - Paolo Cavalieri

“What a brilliant masterpiece. This is by far one of the best compilations about the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit ever produced. Well thought out and put together for easy reference with hundreds of interesting photographs, articles and anecdotes. This glossy book covers the history of Kyalami, as well as providing memories from the many men and women who have been involved at the circuit.” - Vaughn Obhlidal

Kyalami book

“Having had the opportunity of paging through a proof copy of the outstanding book put together by Denis Klopper and his team, I believe that the effort deserves to be highly commended. I am confident that it will be enjoyed by all who are fortunate enough to secure a copy of this limited print book – 60 Years of Kyalami Memories” - Arnold Chatz   

“If ever there was a motorsport fan of note to write a book to celebrate 60 years of the history of the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, it is Denis Klopper. In this book, you relive the heritage of not only the circuit but also the rich motorsport history we have in South Africa. The book, edited by motoring media legend Roger Houghton, not only covers the history of the great drivers and riders who raced at Kyalami but also pays tribute to the commitment of the marshals, commentators, medical staff and other officials who made Kyalami such an international success. This is a ‘must have’ book for any lover of Kyalami as well as South African motorsport.” - Roger McCleery

kyalami book


“I recently had the pleasure of paging through the final pre-print version of Denis Klopper’s book covering 60 Years of Kyalami Memories. What a fantastic tribute to South African Motorsport. The content of the in-depth history is amazing. The publication is an absolute must for any enthusiast, of both the circuit, as well as South African motorsport. Hats off to Denis and his team.” - Ian Schofield 

Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit - 60 Years of Memories 

Author and Publisher - Denis Klopper / SA Motorsport Memories

Editor - Roger Houghton

Graphic Design and Layout – Chris Dawson - Cinnamon Graphix

Foreword - Toby Venter

Research Assistant and Archive – Antoinette Marais

Format – 300mm x 300mm / 500 pages / Over 1500 colour and black and white images.

Collector’s Edition – 62 Copies (Sold Out)

Publisher’s Edition – 200 Copies (Sold Out)

Standard Edition – 500 Copies (Still available)


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