New Product: VW Citi Golf in red, yellow, blue...'s SentiMETAL brand has launched a new series of prints featuring a true local icon, the VW Citi Golf.

Volkswagen's iconic Golf 1 will forever be fondly remembered by South Africans, not only because it saw the brand (and many local car owners) move on from the Beetle, but because it stayed part of our automotive landscape for much longer than the designers and engineers in Germany had intended. While production stopped in Germany in 1983, the Citi Golf continued to be a top seller in South Africa until 2009!

When the Golf Mk2 arrived in the early '80s, Volkswagen South Africa decided to continue with the Mk1 as a more affordable entry-level car, and so the Citi Golf was born, initially in its trademark Red, Yellow, Blue NOT Green, colour scheme. Of course, later a number of different variants (including the hot CTI, followed), but it is the original threesome that is most vividly etched into our hearts.

"When we announced our Heritage Series of limited edition prints featuring uniquely South African cars, we were immediately bombarded with requests for a print featuring the Citi Golf," says Hannes Oosthuizen, Consumer Experience Manager. "So, here we are... with 3 options!" 

The prints, limited to only 50 numbered copies (in A2 and A3, each) feature the initial colour schemes that were so loved at the time and will brighten up any office or man-cave. Printed on high-quality paper with a satin finish, these prints look best behind glass with a thin frame (not included).

To order your print, head over here.

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