NEW VIDEO: Ciro drives the Lamborghini Diablo

Ciro gets to drive a car that used to adorn his bedroom wall, the iconic Lamborghini Diablo!

Lamborghini had a hit with the Countach. It's radical design stopped traffic and arguably set a new benchmark in how far supercars could push the limits of sensibility. But it was truly awful to drive, with factory workers famously sitting on the side sill with the door open to reverse the car because there was such poor rear visibility.

For the Countach's successor, Lamborghini needed to provide the wild nature of the Countach but with more, shall we say, gentle usability. Not too sensible of course, but enough to help you arrive home in one piece. Enter the Diablo, the only car ever named after the devil himself.

Our video guy, Ciro De Siena, quite literally had a poster of this car on his bedroom wall, and a scale model in this exact colour. Driving this car is quite literally a dream come true, but would the reality of the experience leave him feeling elated or deflated?

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