Retro Drag Race: BMW 325iS vs Opel Kadett Superboss

In this video we pitch two legendary local cars against one another, the iconic BMW (E30) 325iS "Gusheshe" and the Opel Kadett GSi "Superboss". But it's not only the cars that are legends in this video.

Behind the steering wheels are none other than local racing superstars Deon Joubert and Mike Briggs, who used to race these cars in Group N in the early '90s, with Mike winning three championships in the Opel on a trot. But which car is faster in a traditional drag race? Is it the rear-wheel drive, 2.7L straight-six 145kW BMW, or the front-wheel drive 125kW, 2,0L Opel Kadett Superboss? Place your bets!

  • Buy a BMW 325iS Legend of Group N print here.
  • Buy an Opel Kadett GSi Superboss Legend of Group N print here.

Also... keep an eye out for a follow-up video which sees Deon and Mike take these two icons around the track!

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