SentiMETAL Gathering Johannesburg 16 February

Johannesburg, it's time to dust off your finest and get ready for the first SentiMETAL Gathering of 2020. 

Sunday, 16 February has been set as the date for the first SentiMETAL Gathering of 2020. The meeting venue is once again the HQ in Bedfordview (located at 18 Nicol Road).

"As before, owners of cool classic cars, including modern classics, are encouraged to bring their machines and enjoy the morning with us," says Hannes Oosthuizen, SentiMETAL Project Manager.

Great coffee, and great cars are SentiMETAL staples.

"We've seen the SentiMETAL movement gain incredible momentum. To think we started late in 2018 with a small meet of 7 cars and finished 2019 with a Cape Town meet and around 200 cars," he says. "We think the secret to these meets' success is that it's simply about the passion for the cars, as well as the diversity of the vehicles that show up."

The morning meet starts at around 9 am where owners can just park their cars, enjoy a good cup of coffee and admire what shows up.

PLEASE NOTE: due to limited parking (only for classics), those who are attending as guests only are requested to park their vehicles at either of the 2 nearby shopping malls and Uber/Taxi to the event.

Coffee is a vital component of the SentiMETAL meet, and so is being as environmentally sensitive as possible. Therefore, owners are encouraged to bring their own cups - those that do will get coffee on the house. But if you forget, don't stress, coffee (and pastries) will still be offered for sale.

As ever, a professional photographer will be there to capture all the gleaming metal, and the photos are made available freely to all participants.

Bring the family along for a day of motoring fun. 

Those who want to go for a drive after the morning meet can join the SentiMETAL crew on a run somewhere pretty for lunch. "We try to keep it casual and relaxed," says Oosthuizen, "but it's very hard to maintain one's composure when a bright red Alfa Romeo Montreal or Ferrari 550 Barchetta drives through the gates!"

To register your car for participation, go here.


  • Where is the meeting tomorrow

    Zakes mogoere
  • Hi I’ve registered my car for tomorrow event at bedfordview just checking if you received it regards Keith Ivasen 0768917383

  • Hi howzit I’d like to be part of the Sentimetal gathering with my E30 which I’m currently still building as I’ve read the will be limited parking would appreciate being part of the show


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