SentiMETAL Pilot - Creating Episode 1

What is it that makes cars more than just machines? Why are they idolised, revered... and even loved? There is no easy answer – certainly not one that is universally applicable. With SentiMETAL, our new video series, we allow passionate owners to be the authors of their own automotive love affairs. 

by Hannes Oosthuizen

Filming for The Pilot took place in the beautiful Hout Bay area of Cape Town, South Africa.

Allow me to get quite personal – that is, after all, the nature of the videos that you will see. SentiMETAL was born many years ago. I don't know exactly when. The thought that cars have character, perhaps even souls, is laughable, of course. And yet it's a belief that I've had, perhaps since the start. Written words are, I feel, not always effective enough to convey the emotion that the automobile can stir in man (or woman). Neither is a photograph. So, I'm tremendously pleased to have finally found a way – I think – to convey the beauty, the emotion, excitement, sadness, laughter... love that the car has given humanity.

This first episode of SentiMETAL was filmed as a proof-of-concept trailer. It was never meant to be shown on your screens. But in the end it was! We owe immense gratitude to director and producer Justin Pinto, who executed the brief so beautifully. Josh Spencer, the star of our first episode, sets the tone perfectly for what we hope will become a long-running series. He is not a wealthy collector who puts his car on display. He does the work himself. Letting go of his precious E-Type is not a thought he will ever entertain... 

Josh Spencer was the perfect owner to appear in Episode 1 - passionate and so eloquent.

We believe there are many stories to tell. SentiMETAL will not be limited to classic cars and collectors, people and cars from all walks of life and backgrounds will be featured. What is important is the bond between man and machine. If you know of any such potential stories, don't hesitate to get in touch with me on Twitter: @HannesCars

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