SentiMETAL plans to release limited-run 1/18 scale model of South Africa's iconic BMW (E30) 333i

BMW 333i scale model

Exciting news for scale model collectors and particularly those with collections focused on BMW or uniquely South African cars, is that SentiMETAL is in the process of developing a 1/18 scale model of the iconic BMW E30 333i.

"We have been pondering the opportunity to produce high-quality scale models of uniquely South African cars for some time, and feel that we have now found the right partner to produce these models," says Hannes Oosthuizen, SentiMETAL project head.

The first car to be immortalised in the 1/18 scale will be the iconic BMW (E30) 333i, a uniquely South African model of which only around 200 units were built.

"We have settled on the 333i as the first car in the series, because it is probably the most sought-after of the SA specials," explains Oosthuizen.

Development of the high-precision resin scale models will take place in Germany, with manufacturing ultimately happening in China. The models will come mounted on a display stand inside a clear plastic show box. Unique SentiMETAL box art will be developed for the models and each car will come with an information booklet with a stamped serial number. 

The highly-detailed model features ABS parts and TPR tyres on rolling wheels. The indicative length of the model is between 240.28 and 242.22mm.

BMW 333i

Ultimately, however, the decision to pull trigger on the project will depend on the number of pre-orders received, as the production commitment is a heady 300 units. Two colours will be offered, Henna Red and Aero Silver (depicted). 150 of each of the colours will be produced if the project goes ahead.

How to secure your 1/18 scale BMW 333i

The pre-order price for the model is R3 750. To secure your model(s) follow the link below to complete your purchase. Please note that if the project receives the green light before the end of May 2022, delivery of the models is only expected towards the very end of 2023. Should production of the models not proceed as planned, a full refund will be given. Only 300 units will be produced - first come, first served.

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