Top 10 Ugliest Cars of All Time

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, they say, but we think you will agree that these 10 cars are plain ugly... or not?

It is worth stating upfront that when we started compiling this list, it quickly became apparent that one could easily do a Top 100 Ugliest cars of all time, so narrowing it down to just 10 was very difficult. We've tried to cover all eras and also not to pick on any specific brand (cough, SsangYong), or any particular nation (here's looking at you, China). That said, we're quite sure these 10 turds will spoil your appetite...

Stutz Blackhawk 

There was a time when the Stutz Blackhawk was considered cool. Cool enough for Elvis Presley to buy the first one. And for Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, Sammy Davis Jr and Elton John... and many more celebrities. The car's ostentatious design was the work of Virgil Exner, and the steel bodies were made in Italy, before being married to Pontiac running gear. We just don't get the appeal... Perhaps vanity had something to do with it - each car had a dash plaque with the name of the original owner. 

Citroen Ami 6

Ah, Citroen... wonderful brand. The French marque has given the world some of the greatest, most visionary cars, but it has also produced the occasional blooper. The Ami 6 might be its worst. It's hard to decide from which angle it looks the worst, but we think the wind-swept side profile is a strong contender. 

Marcos Mantis M70

Where does one start with this? According to period marketing material, this was a car for the man who wanted to travel in style, with great all-round visibility and excellent roadholding from the wide track. Unfortunately nobody at Marcos appear to have been brave enough to speak up in the design sign-off meeting, because 32 cars later, Marcos was bankrupt. The world, it would appear, had other thoughts about the M70's design. 

Fiat Multipla

Let's be clear, there's a lot to admire about the Fiat Multipla. It was easily one of the most practical cars of its generation, but at the same time all the goodwill won by its packaging turns to dust when you step back and look at it dead straight from the front. It looked like a car... on top of another car.

Toyota Mirai

When you launch a groundbreaking car that's very expensive and powered by revolutionary new technology (hydrogen fuel-cell), you probably shouldn't clothe it in a body that can put someone off their breakfast, hey Toyota? Thankfully, the lesson has been taken to heart and the second-generation Mirai is a stunner.

Austin Allegro

It is entirely apt that our picture above shows an Austin Allegro in brown. A very important car for British Leyland, the production model turned out to be a car of compromises, because it had to share bulky components from other BL models. Consequently, the tubby, bloated Allegro earned the nickname the "Flying Pig", but when it was painted brown as in the above example, the nickname was ever so slightly tweaked...

Aurora Safety Car

The product of the imagination of Father Alfred A. Juliano, a Catholic priest, the Aurora was born in 1957 and featured a great many admirable safety features of the time. Only one car was ever built (to the cost of $30 000), but these days it is probably most famous for making it onto every list like this one...

Ford Mustang II

How do you follow up one of the most iconic muscle cars of all time? Not like this... The Mustang II didn't only lack power, it also lacked style. In fact, you could argue that it was just plain ugly. Surprisingly, however, it sold well but Mustang traditionalists did not like it one bit. Neither do we.

Hafei Lobo

To be fair, a great many early Chinese cars could've made this list, but the Hafei Lobo deserves its spot for more than just the obvious. Apparently, the period marketing material claimed, this was the work of Pininfarina... We wonder who at the great design house will proudly put up their hand for this one?

Mohs Ostentatienne Opera Sedan

Did we save the best (worst) for last? This horridly ostentatious creation from 1967 was the work of Bruce Mohs who wanted to create the most luxurious automobile. For inspiration he looked to the world of luxury private planes, and that's why the Ostentatienne doesn't have side doors, but rather a single rear door/hatch that resembles the one that typically rolls out from the side of a private jet! 

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  • What about my PT Cruiser? It always makes the top 10 Ugliest Cars!!

    Wilhelm Swanepoel

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