FOR SALE: 1999 Morgan Plus 8 V8 4.6L Wide Body

When it comes to vintage-style motoring with pure class and modern reliability (and performance), there isn't much out there to touch a Morgan Plus 8. This could be one of the very best of its kind, in the world!


Year and Make/Model: 1999 Morgan Plus 8 V8 4.6L Wide Body

Engine: 4.6L V8 petrol

Transmission: 5-speed manual

Mileage: 34 000 km

Colour: Connaught Green with Tan Connolly Leather interior

Location: Knysna

PRICE: R1 200 000

This is widely considered the ultimate variant of all the Morgan Plus 8 models, this being equipped with a 4.6-Litre V8 (Range Rover all-aluminium engine). There are only two 4.6-Litre models in South Africa. This car was previously owned by Chris Clarke in Johannesburg (a collector of Morgans and classic car racing driver). The other 4.6-Litre is owned by Alan Young in Johannesburg.

This 4.6-Litre is unique in that it is fitted with centre-lock Morgan Alloy wheels, making it one of only 200 built for homologation purposes, as Morgan planned to race them. The wheels resulted in the car being 1.5 inches wider than the standard 4.6, and being the widest traditional Morgan ever built!

Morgan Plus 8

Chris Clarke imported a Librands Stainless steel Sports Cross Over Exhaust system from the UK, adding a further 20 BHP to the 220 BHP of the standard car. He also fitted an oil cooler, LEDA gas-filled shocks and a stainless steel luggage carrier, stainless steel badge bar, stainless steel door checks, stainless steel front number plate plinth and a K&N air filter.

What makes this model even more desirable is that fact that the complete chassis is galvanised, and the front bulkhead and side inner wheelarches is all stainless steel.

The Connolly Leather company went insolvent early in 2000 and this Plus 8 was one of the last to be fitted with Connolly hides.

Various upgrades

During the current owner's custodianship numerous upgrades and improvements have been undertaken.

As the sump had a small oil leak from the sump gasket the exhaust system had to be removed to drop the sump. This opportunity was used to ceramic coat the system inside and out from the headers to the silencers. The benefit is a cooler engine compartment and added visual impact.

Morgan Plus 8

Cibie Oscar driving lamps on special Leibrands stainless steel mounts were fitted, colour coded to the car. Cibie H180 headlamps with Osram Night Breaker H4 bulbs were fitted, a huge improvement for night driving. An aluminium radiator with a Spal high speed fan was also fitted.

As the ECU in the 4.6-Litre is the same as the ECU fitted to the 3.9-Litre, the owner was advised to fit a Tornado chip to get the full benefit of the 4.6-Litre engine size. The company doing the Tornado chip, RCI Engineering in England, recommended the following be done at the same time to get the most benefit; Magnecor Red Competition ignition leads, new Lucas Distributor cap, Bosch sports coil, FSE Power Boost Valve, Spark Amplifier, Advance / Retard unit, and NGK plugs.

According to the owner, the difference these changes have made to the Morgan are "absolutely phenomenal" with a smoother idle, quicker pick up, better fuel economy and "unbelievable" acceleration being on offer.

A complete front suspension upgrade has just been completed, consisting of the fitment of new hard chrome kingpins and phosphor bronze bushes, new coil springs, steering bearing kit, steering damper, brake upgrade of ventilated discs, aluminium billet 4 pot callipers and stainless steel, flexible brake hoses. A Panhard rod upgrade was fitted to the rear axle. These parts were all supplied by Peter Mulberry, of Mulfab Morgan in England.

An Odyssey Gel battery, aluminium hold-down bracket and terminal adaptor kit were imported, all from the USA.

Available with this Morgan is a beautiful set of brown leather luggage straps , supplied by Heart of England Morgan, who also supplied a stainless steel mesh grille with ‘8’ imprinted - this fits behind the grille.

Morgan Plus 8

Having refurbished the complete front suspension, a new brake master cylinder/booster, new clutch master cylinder and new clutch slave cylinder were fitted. New brake bundy tubing was fitted throughout.

New VDO instruments for battery/volts, fuel, water temperature and oil pressure, were fitted, as welI as a new VDO clock. The gauges have all been changed to red LEDs, which make for quite a special look at night!

All the carpeting has been replaced with dark green pure wool carpeting imported from John Skinner Manufacturing in England. The wood floors were removed and replaced with Marine Ply, undersealed with stone chip covered with Connaught green 2 K paint on the outside and Woodoc Marine sanding sealer on the inside. The hood and full tonneau as well as the side screens are in as good as new condition. A set of Leibrands hood tensioning levers were fitted, which makes putting up the hood a pleasure!

The car will be accompanied by all the removed parts as spares, a set of Snap On tools for servicing the car, a car cover and a storm cover supplied by John Taylor in England. This latter is a lovely addition for quickly securing the interior should a raincloud suddenIy appear - it literally takes half a minute to secure.

The current owner rates this as one of the "best spec" Morgan Plus 8s in the world. It is a blast to drive and causes a sensation whenever taken out on the road. The Plus 8 is now out of production, the last of the BMW 4.6-Litre cars have all been sold as part of the 50th Anniversary Plus 8 Commemorative models. BMW will not be supplying any more engines. These sold at a price in excess of R3m each!

NOTE: The above information was supplied by the owner currently advertising this vehicle and has not been verified by SentiMETAL/

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