FOR SALE: 2007 Ariel Atom Series 2

Widely regarded as one of the best driver-focused cars to have ever been built, the Ariel Atom remains a seriously hardcore "race car" for the road nearly two decades after its initial launch. This Series 2 example offers hypercar-humbling abilities for a fraction of the price.


Year and Make/Model: 2007 Ariel Atom Series 2

Engine: 2.4L turbopetrol

Transmission: Manual

Mileage: N/A

Colour: Black/Red

Location: Cape Town


Ariel Atom for sale

Development of the Ariel Atom started near the dawn of the new millennium as a student project. Its potential was quickly recognised by Simon Saunders, a lecturer at Coventry University at the time, and the project was "escalated" soon after. 

The Atom uses a tubular steel "exoskeleton" chassis, to which is mounted single-seater, racing-car derived suspension, adjustable on all four corners with a wrench. Front and rear double unequal length wishbones and inboard, pushrod-operated dampers contribute to sensational handling. When driving an Atom for the first time you may sense some Lotus DNA in the genes, and you'd be correct - the legendary British firm tuned the suspension set-up.

Through the years the Atom has been offered with a variety of powerplants, from a 1.8L Rover K-Series engine to a custom 373kW John Hartley-designed V8.   

This example

Ariel Atom for sale

This 2007 variant is a Series 2 model fitted with a turbocharged 2.4L Honda V-Tec engine that has had all its internals upgraded to cope with up to 300kW! In road-spec as it is currently set up, the Atom has 230kW at the flywheel, good enough blast this 550kg rocket to 100kph in about 3 seconds.

Freight Factory


With no ABS, traction control or stability assistance, this is a pure driver's car Massive front and rear wings do aid with downforce, however.

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